Doctor's Desk


Wellev8 strives to provide a unique experience for every individual.  Whether you are looking for a simple consultation or a comprehensive step by step program, we have an option for you.

Pricing will vary based on your personal program.  Schedule your free 45 minute consultation to learn more.


Initial consultation

During your initial consultation, we will develop a comprehensive picture of your health, outline your goals, and develop a treatment plan together to target these goals.  Initial consultations may last up to 2 hours.  

Follow up appointments will be arranged once your treatment plan has been established


Comprehensive programs

Our programs offer a fully supportive path to health and wellness.  You will have chat support, participate in weekly group sessions to answer ongoing questions, and receive online content both written and video/audio.  You may choose to add a one on one session with Dr. Lundeen in order to better meet your personal goals.


Lab evaluations

From your gut microbiome to your nutrition status and genetics, we have the ability to check a number of lab values in order to customize your health plan.  We work with a number of state of the art laboratories to ensure acurate results.